Unified Softball Schedule-2021

Team 1- Blue Team- Coach John Priest

Team 2- Orange Team – Coach Sherrie Hathaway

Team 3- Red Team- Coach Teresa Borragina

Team 4- Green Team- Coach Daniel Head and Allison Kall

Date                                     Field 1                                    Field 4

July 26th                                 1 vs 2                                     3 vs 4

August 2nd                             3 vs 1                                     4 vs 2

August 9th                             2 vs 3                                     1 vs 4

August 16th                           3 vs 4                                     2 vs 1

August 23rd                           4 vs 2                                     1 vs 3

August 30th                           1 vs 4                                      3 vs 2


Field one is the field on the front right and field 4 is the front left field. **Team listed 2nd will be the home team and will take the field first and your bench is on third base side.

Uniform shirts will be provided at the first game. Please wear your own shorts/softball pants

Please bring your own water; we have limited water available

Please know all players need to wear a helmet when batting. We will have spray and wipes available to clean the helmets.

Please let your coach know if you are going to miss a practice/game so we can find a sub for you

Questions call Kelley at 419-779-7133 or email kwatson@lucasdd.org