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****Another great resource is iTaalk’s searchable grant list to find grants for a specific need and their Tuesday Treasure that features grants that are state specific. ********

DEADLINES APPROACHING SOON Suzanne Tyner Autism Fund provides financial assistance to offset costs for families seeking interventions, assessments, education, and equipment not covered by insurance. (March 15) ​ award grants for medical equipment, therapy devices, adaptive toys and/or services to individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and organizations that support them. (March 1) ​ Free autism medical IDs & wandering support services for a limited time.  ​ MyGOAL Inc., Enrichment Grant is to enrich the body, mind, and spirit of individual(s) with Autism Spectrum Disorder, resulting in a higher quality of life. (March 2020) ​ designed for outside experiences to enrich the life of the individual diagnosed with a disability, not for everyday medical expenses. Open to residents of Hancock and surrounding counties. (April 30) ​ help children with speech and/or language disorders take the steps needed to be better communicators. (May 1) ​ scholarships for therapies and equipment not covered by insurance. (May 31) ​ empowers children and young adults with speech disorders to effectively communicate through technology and speech therapy. (May   15) ​ Varghese Summersett PLLC has Annual Autism and Down Syndrome Scholarships that can be used offset the cost of camp, tutoring, classes, secondary education, post-secondary education or tools to help the students learn and flourish. Must be 15 years old or younger. (April 1) ​

ONGOING GRANT DEADLINES provide support and information, resources, and financial assistance to families affected by autism in the Toledo area. provides financial support to those impacted by CP so that they can receive ongoing and necessary therapy or equipment not covered by insurance. helps families with children who are currently living with a life-threatening medical condition. arranges air travel on private jets for families in need of medical care for their child. Energy United Foundation assists with personal disasters, living expenses and the purchase of health-related equipment. assists children with clinically relevant, health-related needs and no financial resources to cover these expenses. Adventure Scholarships based on financial need, character which reflects Ryan’s principles of living, and demonstrated passion to pursue your adventure of choice. enhance the lives of children under the age of 21 with any type of physical disability or illness. $50,000 income cap. grants to support the identification and eventual prevention of rare, genetic disorders and to provide financial assistance to families coping with these disorders. trains Australian Cattle Dogs for veterans, first responders, and civilians alike at no cost to the recipient. Healthcare Equipment Recycling Organization helps those in need of healthcare supplies. helps cover the costs of dental treatments grants iPads to children (0-22) with autism iOS technology as well as educational apps to parents and professionals of all disabilities. fund equipment, experiences, parent education, family counseling, therapy and other needs of the child with special healthcare needs. enrich the lives of children with muscular, neurological and other degenerative diseases by providing social and educational opportunities. Midwest Council for Children with Disabilities provides families of disabled children the means to pursue medical treatment and therapies not covered by health insurance. provides adaptive bikes to children with special needs. financial assistance to families raising children with Trisomy 18 for medical expenses and beyond. The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation has several grants for families affected by this disease. grants up to $500 to children with physical, cognitive or developmental disorders for rehabilitation therapy, assistive devices, medical equipment or sensory items. NAA’s Give A Voice Program provides communication devices to individuals with autism who are non-verbal or minimally verbal, and whose communication challenges put them at increased risk of injury or harm. provides grants to children of ALL Wounded Warriors for sports, fine arts, camps, and academic tutoring programs. provides needed medical equipment and supplies to families of children w/ special needs. monetary assistance up to $1000 paid directly to families in need. provide a spoonful of comfort to the parents of children handicapped by autism and other disabilities. Sports 4 All Foundation has an Equipment Endowment Program that provides sporting equipment, gear and clothing for individuals with disabilities. help families who have children with cerebral palsy and genetic disorders by providing supportive resources and financial support towards their medical bills and equipment. United Healthcare Children’s Foundation grants provide financial help/assistance for families with children that have medical needs not covered or not fully covered by their commercial health insurance plan.