Board Meetings

Board meetings are scheduled on the fourth Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at the Administrative Offices, 1154 Larc Lane, Toledo, OH 43614. There is no scheduled meeting in July.


Lon Mitchell, Manager, Public Information
Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities
1154 Larc Lane,
Toledo, OH 43614

Office: 419-380-4048
Fax: 888-273-1623

Mission and Core Values

The Mission of the Board:  Improving LIFE so that individuals with developmental disabilities reach their full potential!

LIFE is an acronym for the Core Values.

  1. Living LIFE- I desire to live my life in the same manner as you.  This means having the opportunity to choose my home, my relationships, my hobbies, my career, and my beliefs.
  2. Inclusion- I am included, accepted, and able to participate in ALL things throughout my community.
  3. Freedom of choice- My voice is heard in decisions that affect me.  My opinion matters. 
  4. Everyone has worth- I have talents and abilities that I want to share.  I deserve the chance to contribute to the betterment of my community.

Recent News Items

Self-advocates Cassandra Wilson and Jerelle Rollins are with State Senator Edna Brown at DD Awareness Day activities at the State House. The event is designed to educate and empower people with developmental disabilities, their families, and community members. The morning program featured speeches from prominent advocates, state policymakers, and community leaders. During the afternoon advocates were able to visit their legislators to talk about issues that are important to them and their community.

Lori Stanfa began her career in the developmental disabilities field by working at NODC when it first opened as a direct care staff member!  With efforts increasing toward Supported Living, Lori became a fierce advocate and took on the “not in my backyard” crowd with conviction and certainty. Always up for a challenge, Lori became the first Executive Director for Community Living Options in Lucas County and eventually the Clearwater COG.

An incredible advocate, an attorney and a brilliant analyst, it made perfect sense that Lori would eventually work with the Ohio Association of County Boards.  She has served on every important work group addressing the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities for the past 37 years.  No direction, no statute, no rule, no public policy takes place in Ohio without Lori’s involvement and much respected input.