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  1.     Board of DD endorses Issue 8 for seniors
  2.     Public hearing scheduled on the Board’s 2020 Action Plan
  3.     Michele Myerholtz named Assistant Superintendent
  4.     Board presents Special Recognition Award to Buckeye Residential
  5.     Special Recognition presented to Captain Tricia White
  6.     Health Alert – Preventing Flu and Pneumonia
  7.     Job Postings
  8.     Self-Advocates visit Toledo City Council
  9.    “Chuck a Puck” is back
  10.     Aging Gracefully newsletter
  11.     Upcoming events for the Developmental Disabilities community
  12.     Worth Repeating

1. Board of DD endorses Issue 8 for seniors

At its October Board meeting, the Board endorsed Issue 8 on the Lucas County ballot for Senior Services. This is a renewal of .6 mill plus an additional .15 mill. The increase in taxes would be $4 a year for the owner of a home valued at $100,000. The levy funds meals to home-bound seniors, home care services to help seniors remain at home, services for persons with Alzheimer’s disease, and other services and supports through the Area Office on Aging.

2.   Public hearing scheduled on the Board’s 2020 Action Plan

A public hearing on the 2020 draft Action Plan will be held November 12 at 9:30 as part of Superintendent Lori Mariucci’s Family and Advocate Forum. The hearing and forum will be held at the Board Administration Building, 1154 Larc Lane in Toledo. The Action Plan outlines goals and priorities for the coming year. Read the draft plan.

The forums are opportunities for the Superintendent to meet with family members, advocates, and providers for an informal discussion on current issues locally, statewide, and in Washington that are relevant to the DD community.

3.   Michele Myerholtz named Assistant Superintendent

Michele Myerholtz, a 16 year veteran with the Board of DD, has been named Assistant Superintendent. She will begin her new assignment in January. Ms. Myerholtz had been serving as the Assistant Director of Service and Support Administration. Read more about Michele at this link.

4.  Board presents Special Recognition Award to Buckeye Residential

Over the past year, Buckeye Residential Solutions has been serving an individual that has been going through some significant mental health issues. Manager Cathy Amburn and her team have gone above and beyond in supporting this person to continue living in the community. They have adjusted their assistance, approach, staffing ratios and have pushed for a higher quality of mental health services. Buckeye has demonstrated excellent communication with doctors, therapist, the guardian and the Service and Support Specialist.

In August, several members of Cathy’s team were significantly injured by this individual but they continued to provide high quality services and seek a person-centered solution. This level of care and their quality of work is noteworthy and a positive example for all providers.

5.   Special Recognition Award presented to Captain Tricia White

The Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities is proud to recognize Captain Tricia White, of the Lucas County Sheriff’s Department, for her collaboration and contributions to the betterment of the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities. For the past several years, Captain White has partnered with the Board in many ways, such as Project Lifesaver, Pathways to Justice, and enhanced 911.

Especially noteworthy was her assistance working with the Lucas County Jail personnel on how we can better work together for individuals served who are incarcerated.

It is very obvious that Captain White wants to help ensure the best possible outcome for individuals with developmental disabilities no matter the reason they are interacting with law enforcement. We cannot thank you enough for your dedication to individuals with developmental disabilities. 

6.    Health Alert – Preventing Flu and Pneumonia

A new Health and Wellness Alert provides critical information about flu and pneumonia prevention.

Seasonal influenza, also known as the flu, is a viral illness that causes fever, tiredness, cough, sore throat, nasal congestion, body aches, and headaches. Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs that can cause mild to severe illness.

7.   Job Postings

To stay up-to-date on job openings with the Lucas County Board of DD, follow this link.

The Ability Center is seeking a Youth Recreation Coordinator. This is a full time position. Click here for a job description and instructions on how to apply.

Manahan/Josina Lott Residential & Community Services is currently hiring 2nd and 3rd shift DSP’s (full time); 1st Shift Adult Day Service Specialist (ADSS) (full time); Recreation Specialist (full time); and Community Service Specialist (part time).  Click here to apply.

8.   Self-Advocates visit Toledo City Council

Some members of the SALUTE self-advocacy group received a lesson in civics when they were special guests at the Toledo City Council meeting earlier this week. Pictured in the photo with the SALUTE members, in their I Belong t-shirts, are city council member Sandy Spang and Board of DD Superintendent Lori Mariucci.

9.   “Chuck a Puck” is back

Lucas County Special Olympics is once again selling tickets to the Toledo Walleye hockey game on November 23.  Click here to read the flyer.  Lucas County athletes and staff will be selling rubber pucks there that evening as a part of a fundraiser for our organization. Pucks sell for $1.00 apiece or 6 for $5.00 and can be thrown on the ice after the 2nd period in hopes of getting closest to the bullseye for a prize.  Lucas County Special Olympics will receive a percentage of the earnings from selling pucks BUT they also need to sell 150 tickets! Call 419-380-5109 if you are interested in purchasing tickets.

10.   Aging Gracefully Newsletter

Follow this link to read the “Aging Gracefully” newsletter for November.

11.   Upcoming events for the Developmental Disabilities community

November 9 – Unity Bowl

November 12 – Guys and Gals Night Out

November 21 – People First Holiday Party

12.   Worth Repeating

“Thus, sped by currents of curiosity afloat the swift river of rumor do secrets sail to strange ports.” -Will Eisner

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