Meetings and Members

The Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities is composed of seven volunteer members.  The members serve a four-year term and may be reappointed to two additional terms, for a maximum of 12 years of service.

Two of the Board members are appointed by the Probate Judge.  The Lucas County Board of Commissioners appoints five members.

According to the Ohio Revised Code if the appointing authority is a board of county commissioners, appoint at least two individuals who are eligible for services provided by the county board or are immediate family members of such individuals. The board of county commissioners shall, whenever possible, ensure that one of those two members is an individual eligible for adult services or an immediate family member of an individual eligible for adult services and the other is an immediate family member of an individual eligible for early intervention services or services for preschool or school-age children.

If the appointing authority is the Probate Judge, one of the appointments will be an immediate family member of an individual eligible for residential services or supported living.

Board meetings are held on the fourth Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at the Administration Building, 1154 Larc Lane, Toledo, OH 43614. There is no scheduled meeting in July. The Ethics Council will meet following the Board meeting, as needed.  Meetings notifications are placed on the Board’s website.

The Executive Committee of the Board meets on the Monday two weeks prior to the Board meeting at 10:45 a.m. The purpose of the meeting is to develop the Board’s monthly meeting agenda.